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Expert Advice, On Your Side

Providence Financial has provided financial

consulting since 1974 and has specialized in

helping charter schools around the country with

their facility financing since 2003. We will ensure

your school achieves the most cost-effective

financing available - and we will help you every

step of the way.

Our services include:
  • Presenting potential financing solutions to school leaders after evaluating all options including government incentives, credit enhancements, guarantee programs, bank financing, tax-exempt bonds and USDA financing
  • Planning and structuring, with school leadership, the best financing strategy available to meet a school's needs

  • Helping school leadership determine the amount of debt it can reasonably afford

  • Coordinating the entire financing process

  • Assisting the school in engaging other professionals including contractors and developers where needed for a new facility

  • Assisting the school in developing financial forecasts

  • Compiling a due diligence and analysis package for potential funding sources

  • Presenting a school's financial package to potential funding sources

  • Serving as intermediary with lender or investors, as necessary

  • Negotiating the best interest rates and terms available

  • Updating school leadership on financing progress as requested
We relieve the school leadership of an immense amount of work. Our fee is only payable from

proceeds of a successful financing. If we are not able to help you achieve a financing that you

accept, we don't get paid.

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